Greek Culture

Greek festivals have always been an important part of life in the Greek Culture. In Greece, villages and towns gather to celebrate a patron saint and other significant holidays. These same traditions have been adopted by many Greek Orthodox Churches in the United States today. Across the U.S., Greek festivals bring thousands of people together from all walks of life, enriching communities and directly benefiting good causes. 

Greek Orthodox Church Culture

the church

The Greek Orthodox Church is a part of the worldwide ancient Orthodox Christian Church. It is a direct descendant of the Apostles teachings and the oldest Christian Church. Many customs and beliefs for Greeks and other Orthodox Christians are a direct result of the church’s influence and teachings. 

Church tours available during Greekfest!


The various mainland regions and islands of Greece have produced hundreds of folk dances. Some include hymns, male only, and female only dances. The most famous Greek dance is the “Sirtaki”, performed by the Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn in the 1964 movie Zorba The Greek. Other well known dances include the Kalamatiano and Zeimbekiko.

Free Greek dance lessons at the Greekfest...OPA!

Missoula Greekfest Dance
Greek Food


People around the world have come to love popular Greek foods such the Gyro sandwich, Greek Salad, Pastichio, and Baklava pastry. We use baklava, spanakopita, tiropita and tzatziki recipes lovingly shared from one generation to the next. This year, our Souvlaki features a very special herb and spice blend developed out of the travels and rich culinary experience of local living legend Ray Risho. Make sure to try your favorite Greek treat at our annual Missoula Greekfest!

Take part in our pastry making demonstration.

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